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Company Profile

Ginar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 1982. With more than 40 years of dedication, the company has become Taiwan's first engineering plastic manufacturer listed in the OTC market No. 6151.
Ginar is devoted to research and development, production of engineering plastic and composite materials including polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) as well as color mating technology to provide all domestic and foreign industries with high value-added requirements.

Ginar Technology, ever since its establishment, has taken the introduction of new technology, new material and new industry as the company's purpose of development and has constantly improved the efficiency of our production process. Therefore, in the field of engineering plastic, it's able to accumulate company's abundant assets of production technology and sales experiences.

Over many years, Ginar Technology has upheld professional faith to provide comprehensive services including the introduction of new products, the application and development of the new market as well as the technical services including the design of molds and formation processing to assist and drive the development and progress of domestic industries including automotive, electronics, home appliances, telecommunication and etc.
In addition to offering multiple products with excellent quality, the company has strengthened services to root deeply in the market. With continuously expanding the coverage of the sales points nationwide and worldwide as well as building up more rapid and convenient product supply network, the company will be able to provide timely instructions guiding the clients to product application technology and the selection of proper materials.

In order to reinforce the growing root of business structure, Ginar Technology has utilized accumulated professional techniques to one aspect of strengthening the research and development of engineering plastic manufacturing and to the other aspect of expanding the production scale, thus to reduce the production cost. As well as promoting product quality by through the introduction of advanced technologies; also, the company has passed and obtained the quality certification of ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001. By assisting clients to reduce costs, increase production capability and promote product performance, we have been actively responsible for seeking the solutions for the clients to create more values.

Looking into the future, Ginar Technology has been actively planning and established a cooperation relationship with global partners. With expanding the scale of market sales and optimizing the extraordinary capability to provide more versatile services, the company's goals of internationalization and diversification will be achieved.

Ginar Technology Co., Ltd.

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Tel: (886)-3-3868820 Fax: (886)-3-3863587
E-mail:ginar@ginar.com.tw; ann@ginar.com.tw