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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Cherish Resources, Reduce Wastes and Conserve Energy, Obsession to Environmental Protection

Cherish Resources
With training, internal and external communication, and continuous awareness promotion to make every employee knows the essence of environmental protection, and to conserve energy, reuse or recycle useful material in order to cherish limited resources and Gong-Ho with our environment.

Reduce Wastes and Conserve Energy
Integrate Environmental Management System with business operation. Deploy appropriate production or pollution control methodology to conduct waste reduction, waste recycling, energy conservation programs, protect and use resources carefully so as to effectively utilize energy and resources or reduce environmental impact from our product, activities and services.

Obsession to Environmental Protection
Aiming at complying with or exceeding regulatory and relevant requirements, fulfilling social responsibility, protecting safety and health of living environment, and ensuring business sustainable growth by setting up a legal compliable and effective Environmental Management System which incorporates with PDCA cycle, corrective and preventive action, and continuous improvement concept.